3 Essential Oils to Keep in your House

Essential Oils are popular these days and for good reason- they are multi functional and reap many benefits! I have a variety of oils, but these are the three that I always keep in my house.

1) Eucalyptus Oil- This might be my favorite oil to keep around the house! I put a few drops in our cleaners for smell/sanitation, diffuse it to help combat allergies and also place it on my upper chest to help with cold + flu symptoms. If anyone is ever feeling sick I give them this oil to take a few deep breaths in and it really helps. If you don’t have any oils I would definitely start with this one!

2) Lavender Oil- This is also such a wonderful oil to keep. My husband and I put it on our pillows every night before we go to sleep to help us relax. Lavender is a calming, anti-stress scent and it helps if you have anxiety. I also mix this with lemon oil for a kitchen tile cleaner and it makes our house smell great.

3) Tea Tree Oil- I mainly use this for my skin at night as it helps with acne spots and is good for your skin (they have it at Trader Joe’s for a good price!). It also is good to diffuse around the house as it is a anti-fungal/bacterial so it will help kill off any bad bacteria in the air. I haven’t tried putting it in my shampoo but have heard it helps with buildup and makes your hair shiny!

Do you have these oils in your house? If so, let me know what you do with them! If you have other oils you always keep in your house- let me know!


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