A Few of My Favorite Fitness Studios

Atlanta has so many fitness studios and I know it can be very overwhelming to figure out where to go- trust me I still feel that way sometimes! There are still tons of studios I haven’t been to or probably heard of, but all you can do is a little at a time. But through all the studios I have been to for events and my own personal fitness path, these are the ones that stood out to me and are on my top list!

The Daily

The first time I ever walked into this studio I completely fell in love with it. Not only is it the most ascetically pleasing fitness studio, but the people are so nice and welcoming. I took my first-ever pilates class there and was hooked ever since. The teachers are all extremely helpful and will guide you all throughout class to make sure you are doing everything correctly +  to the best of your ability! I definitely recommend their Daily Foundations class to someone who is new to Pilates- it’s a great way to get started and the teachers will make sure you know what you’re doing!

Stellar Bodies

I actually took my first Stellar Bodies class last week and was immediately hooked. The whole class is on a megaformer, which is an amplified pilates machine, and you will FEEL THE BURN! You use a lot more resistance than on a traditional pilates machine and are moving very quickly between each move- so it is pretty challenging. But the feeling after class is so amazing and well worth the short amount of pain! I recommend this class if you are feeling a full body blast and tone!!

Be Yoga

I love Be Yoga because the environment is ON.POINT. No one there is judgey and the classes are typically a little non-traditional- it’s very normal to have someone crack a joke right in the middle of class! There are a variety of teachers there and I have loved taking classes with everyone I have signed up for. They offer regular yoga, hot  yoga, pilates and heated pilates so there are tons of classes to choose from. I strategically go on Saturday morning’s because it’s in the Marietta Square and I can go to the Farmers Market after!

FORME Studios

I can’t say enough good things about FORME. The best staff, the classes are always fun and you always feel the burn! They are all about non-judgment, community and making FORME a part of your whole life, not just being a workout. Donna, the studio owner, is one of the coolest people I know and always makes you feel super welcome and inspired! They offer ton of different workouts from cardio FORME (super hard but great!) to barre fusion, so it keeps things interesting!


Another super welcoming studio, the staff will make you feel extremely comfortable right away! The classes are sure to make you break a sweat and they all work your entire body. Small repetitive pulsing movements combined with little bursts of cardio that will leave your body feeling balanced and lean! I recommend Barre3 if you are new to barre- they are a great place to start at!


So there you have it, a few of my favorite Atlanta fitness studios! These are the ones that have really stood out to me thus far in my studio hopping journey and I hope you found it helpful! Let me know if there are any more things like this you want me to cover.

Xo Savanna

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