All About Expo West 2019

So I know it’s been a while since Expo West (like March) but I am trying to get better about posting on my blog! 

So here we go: Expo West is a natural foods convention that takes place in Anaheim California every spring. There is also a smaller one in Baltimore in the fall, but I love California and so does my friend Tamar, so we decided to go on a trip together! We did one day at Expo and then moved to West Hollywood to explore the fitness/wellness scene 🙂 

Since we decided on doing only a day at Expo we planned way ahead. The California Expo is GIGANTIC and you can easily waste time from not being organized or getting overwhelmed by the scene. Tamar and I both went through each hall floor plan (which is on the Expo app or website) and listed each brand that we wanted to visit/try. After we made a list for each hall, we put them in order of importance, because we knew we probably wouldn’t make them all. 

Once we made it to Expo we would start in a hall together, visit the same brands we wanted to and then would split to find different brands we liked and meet up a few minutes after. We decided not to split up for long periods of time because again, the expo is HUGE and we wanted to experience it together. 

Once you finally get in and start meeting/trying new brands be prepared to eat all day. Do not eat breakfast before!!! Every booth has samples out and by the end of the day I was avoiding eye contact because I was so stuffed and couldn’t eat one more bite. I would recommend only trying the food you really like or are interested in, so you don’t feel sick. Also scope out water booths or a clean juice brand, like Suja, to reboot your system. 

Yes, it is a long day and will be tiring with all the walking and talking to people, but is it worth it? 100%! I had the absolute best time and was so so excited to see all of the health brands and products I love right in front of my eyes! It’s seriously like an amusement park for health nerds like me. Also another cool thing is that brands use this as a time to show their new products, so you will be the first to try and talk about a lot of them! (The only downside is waiting for them to come out in stores!!) So with a little preparedness, you will have the BEST time and be so so glad that you went!

Here are my tips for having the best Expo experience ever:

1) Like I said before, PLAN AHEAD for who you want to visit. Look at the floor plans and list the brands on each hall that you want to visit. Have this ready to look at on your phone or use the Expo app. 

2) Wear comfortable shoes because you will be doing a ton of walking! I would go for cute sneakers that won’t make your feet hurt later!

3) Bring BAGS! You will be getting a ton of samples so bring a backpack and put a few reusable bags inside of it. (You can’t bring rolling bags)

4) Prioritize! Like I said before, it can be overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead and prioritize the brands you want to see. I had a list of non-negotiables (like Sound tea above!) and then I had a secondary list that I wanted to hit if I had time. Also leave a little room for booths that you didn’t even know about and see on the way to somewhere else!

5) Have fun and talk to people! It’s really easy to get caught up in getting samples and trying to find your favorite brands, but remember this is a convention for health food! There are tons of like-minded people around you who could be a new friend. Reach out on Instagram before you go and ask if anyone else is going- it’s so fun to meet fellow bloggers in real life! 

6) This might sound outrageous, but if you can, bring an empty carry on suitcase for your samples. I was only there a day and filled up a whole suitcase filled with food. Just remember to put full sized beverages/liquids in your checked bag!

Have you been to Expo or are you thinking about going?! Let me know in the comments below! 

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