Easy + Nutritious Snacks for on-the-go

Snacks!!! What would we do without them? Here are a few of my favorite healthy snacks that I eat regularly to hold me over between meals (these are especially great for the mid-afternoon). They will fuel you with the energy you need to get through the day and before dinner!

1. RX Bars- Currently my favorite snack bar! They are packed with protein from egg whites, have very clean ingredients and taste amazing! They are on the pricier side, but I’ve found that the cheapest places to buy them are Trader Joe’s, Target (they frequent the cartwheel app) and the RX website!

2) Classic Apple & Peanut Butter- This is still one of my favorite snacks! It’s easy to bring with you (especially now with the single serve almond butters?!) and it’s a great source of fiber + healthy fats. I always try to incorporate a fat/protein when eating a piece of fruit to lead you to sustained energy. * Add cinnamon on your apple for an extra boost!

3) Epic Bars- If you’re feeling salty over sweet (and not vegan) then these are the perfect snack bars for you! I love Epic bars because they are real food, all clean ingredients and delicious. These also can be a little pricey but I’ve found the best places to buy them are Trader Joe’s, Kroger or Thrive Market.

4) Dried fruit and nuts- I love pairing dried apricots with any kind of nut! This is another great source of fiber, healthy fat and antioxidants. I pre-measure 1/4 cup of nuts (if I don’t I’ll eat the whole bag!), put it in a sandwich bag with the fruit and it’s ready to go!¬†Also if you are allergic to nuts a few slices of good quality cheese would be a great substitute.

5) Lara Bars- Another great bar option- they have very minimal ingredients and will keep you satisfied! While they do have a good amount of sugar, it’s all from the dates/fruit and not added sugar so not to worry. They also come in tons of different flavors and are sold at most grocery stores!

Thank you for reading- let me know if you have any good snack ideas!


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