Healthy Items I’m Bringing on my Trip to Chicago

I’m heading to Chicago tonight so I thought I’d do a quick IGTV video to show what items I’m bringing along!

To watch the video- head to my Instagram and click “IGTV” by my highlights.

Here are links to all of the items I’ve mentioned!

NOTE* I most of these in the single section of Whole Foods, but I have shown the link to each website so you can see nutritional information, etc. I only buy a case of products if I absolutely love them!


Evo Hemp Bars

Rx Bar (I brought mixed berry, but love the seasonal pumpkin spice!)

Rx Vanilla Almond Butter

Bulletproof Cookie Dough Collagen Bar

Georgia Grinders Almond Butter Pouch -Has 3 servings in it and you can put the cap back on!

Smart Sweets Plant Based Candy- Sweet Fish and Sour Blast

Vital Proteins Lavender Lemon Collagen Stick  (Easy to use- just add to water!)

Primal Kitchens Vanilla Collagen Packet (Perfect to addition to coffee- would make the airport one better!)

Further Food Collagen Stick (I’ve actually never used this brand, but got it at an event! Probably best in breakfast or coffee) 

Cashews I get are the dry roasted and salted from Trader Joes!

The  daily vitamins I use but was out of!

My daily probiotic- Don’t forget you can use code REF_SJ15 for 15% your first meal order!

Green Road CBD Oil– I got this from the Modern Mystic Shop at Ponce City Market! Great brand.

Lavender Oil – Love to put on my pillow at night or on my wrists on a late plane ride!

Kopari Coconut Melt– Great to use for a lotion!

Good Wipes– These things are a lifesaver! Perfect for post workout and traveling!

Water bottle I use– Keeps things cold and love that is holds 24 ounces.

Silver 100– Great to take a few days leading up to travel or during the flu season!

Wellness Shot– I bought this from Sprouts!

I hope these links were useful and let me know if you have any questions! Happy Friday to you all!


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