How I Workout at Home

I love going to fitness studios, but I also love working out at home! Especially when it’s a busy month, like December, I find myself doing more at home rather then out.
It can be hard to find motivation working out at home, but if you get in the routine of it, it really saves you a lot of time and you still get a great workout in!

So here are a few of my favorite ways to workout straight in my living room!

1) The Tone It Up App– This has been the BEST investment I’ve made in a long time. It’s $12 a month, but you actually get to sign up for classes that they put together for you everyday! It’s fun because you can see who else is signed up and chat before/after class, as well as a reminder from the app when your class is coming up! There are also daily moves for you to do and a HUGE on demand section divided by “Total Body” “Yoga” “Abs” “HITT”, etc. That’s where I spend most of my time!

2) Youtube– If you don’t want to get any apps, Youtube is such a great resource! Not only is it free, there are tons of different styles videos on there as well! One of my favorite Youtube channels is “Yoga with Adriene”- she teaches tons of different styles/varieties of yoga and seriously has something for everyone. You can’t go wrong with her channel! I also love “Rebecca Louise” for quick, targeted videos. She also has a British accent which also just makes them that much better.  Tone It Up also has tons of videos on Youtube as well!

3) Easy equipment– Obviously I don’t have an at-home gym, but I do have some fitness gear that I store in bins under the TV! My essentials are booty bands, 2 different sets of weights and gliders. I also have a jumprope, kettle-ball and exercise ball but I don’t use those quite as much! If you haven’t tried out booty bands I highly recommend them because they can take any workout to the next level (and they are great for travel!) I have 2 sets of weights because I’m not super strong in my arms, but try to do drop sets with them and the gliders are  great for toning!! You can find them pretty much anywhere like Target, but here is a link to where I got mine from.

Do you workout at home? If so, what workouts do you like to do?! I want to know!

xo Sav

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