Reformer vs. Megaformer Pilates

Today I want to talk about a frequently asked question:
What’s the difference between reformer pilates and megaformer pilates? Check out my simple breakdown below!

Similarities: The reformer and megaformer machine have similar basic structures with a carriage, platform and spring loads for added tension. They both aim to tone the body with lots of small, repetitive movements in a low impact workout setting.


Reformer pilates -is the traditional pilates machine with a focus on length, flexibility, toning and stretching with light to medium resistance. The instructor will have you stretch on the machine between moves so your body gets length and flexibility while getting your workout in. You leave feeling toned and stretched at the same time. Though it is not an easy workout, I would say it is beginner friendly. Most studios will have you take a basics or beginner class to start, which is a great way to get familiar with the machine and concept!
My favorite, beloved studio in Atlanta is The Daily and I also loove New York Pilates in NYC!

Megaformer pilates– focuses on whole body strength with springs that have a higher resistance than reformer. You transition quickly between moves to burn your muscles out and your core is working the entire class. You will probably leave feeling SHOOK because it’s a super intense workout, but it’s super effective! I would not recommend this class for beginners, but hey if you’re up for a challenge go for it!!
My favorite studios in Atlanta are Stellar Bodies, Pace and SculptHouse!

While I love both, there is a time and place for each of them in my routine! If I’ve already done some intense workout classes I won’t go to a megaformer class because it is intense, but if I feel like I need a good burn and tone session I will book a class!
I can do reformer pretty much anytime, and do it on a more consistent basis, as it has the toning and length structure that I like.
Some people love both types but some people don’t, I suggest starting with reformer and then trying megaformer.

Let me know your thoughts on this or if you have any questions!

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