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Healthy Girl’s Guide to L.A

I went to L.A in March this year and had the BEST time. I haven’t been to that part of California in forever and while it’s always been health conscious, the health/fitness scene is better than ever. 
We were only there two days, but here are the food + fitness spots that my friend Tamar and I loved!! 

1) Playlist Yoga: Playlist Yoga is a heated yoga studio that is music focused. Each class has a unique playlist that goes with your vinyasa flow and wow, it really was amazing. The studio was so inviting, our teacher was wonderful and I did not want class to end. I highly recommend this studio if you love yoga and music! 

2) Model Fit: Model Fit is a studio based on small, controlled and repetitive movements. It’s a great low impact workout that uses all kinds of different equipment like pilates circles, ankle weights, bands and discs to really burn out the little muscles in your body. Our instructor was amazing, class was super fun and it was a great sweat. I wish we had one in Atlanta, because it would be my go-to studio. (They do have online streaming though!) 

1) Gracias Madre: Gracias Madre is a plant based Mexican restaurant that sources local and sustainable ingredients. I wish we could have gone back before we left, because everything we had was amazing! It’s a fun atmosphere and would be perfect for a girls night out or date night 🙂 

2) Kreation: I could stay there for hours to look at everything they had. You can sit down and eat there but they also have a huge grab & go section with TONS of juices and snacks/meals. All of the ingredients are extremely clean and everything we had was amazing. I grabbed the buffalo cauliflower with vegan ranch on the way out and wow.. wish I had bought two!!

3) Cafe Gratitude: An all vegan cafe that preaches food is medicine. Their food is sourced from local farms and they have positive mantras everywhere! We had a really nice server (as expected) and I got the “whole bowl” which was delicious! It’s so nice to be able to order whatever you want on a menu without worrying about dairy! 

4) Great White: A fun, fast-casual spot with healthy costal food to stop for breakfast/lunch. We had lunch there but I would love to go for breakfast one day too! I got a wonderful oat milk latte to-go as well 🙂 

5) Cha Cha Matcha: A MUST if you like matcha. I went here everyday and I miss it so much. It’s the first stop I make in New York or L.A and it never disappoints. I always go for a hot macadamia milk latte, and this time Tamar & I ventured into the breakfast foods- which were all great. Everything is homemade from the treats to their nut milks, so it’s all very clean ingredients. Again, 100% worth the price to me (it can add up with breakfast!)

7) fonuts: If you’re wanting a little treat but don’t want to go all out, fonuts is the cutest little donut spot! They have vegan and regular options but they are all baked (not fried) and gluten free (made with almond flour.) But don’t let that fool you, they are still DELICIOUS. This was actually right across the street from Model Fit so we went there after, very fitting I know. 

8) The Shroom Room: If you love Four Sigmatic like me, this is a super cool spot to stop at! It’s in an alley off of Abbot Kinney so it’s easy to miss, but it’s literally just a tiny room where you can buy Four Sigmatic lattes or products! I got some mushroom chocolate that I had been wanting to try and it did not disappoint.

Avocado: I honestly had no idea we were even near the Avocado store but we ended up passing right by it! This is my absolute favorite activewear and it was so cool to see it all in person. Everything is made in California, it’s all seamless and is made with the most comfortable and durable material. I’ve had several pairs of their leggings that have lasted me for years!