Tips to Help Your 2018 Goals Stick

Happy New Years Eve!

2017 is about to be a year of the past, I can’t believe it!

There is something about starting a new year with goals, intentions and aspirations for the months to follow. I tend to feel more inspired and driven, like life has handed me a fresh start to be my best.

While its great to set new goals, it’s also really easy to get caught up in life with work, school, family, etc. and put your personal goals on the back-burner.  It happens to everyone!

I want to share a few tips that will help your goals stay a priority, along with a couple of my personal goals for 2018. (Sometimes looking at someone else’s goals sparks ideas for yourself!)

Here we go:

1. Putting your goals on PAPER– words are power, writing is power. When you write your goals on paper, it acknowledges your intentions to your brain and brings you focus. Writing might also spark new ideas that you didn’t even know that you had! Taking that time to write things down truly makes a difference.

2. Making your goals visible/have a vision board– If you take the time to write down your goals, make sure you put them somewhere where you can see them everyday! (Maybe the bathroom mirror, by your bedside table) Making a vision board is another great way to see your goals through images. Print out pictures/words that mean something to you and look at them everyday. This will help you visualize your success by imagining yourself in those pictures!

3. Share your goals with someone– Find an accountability partner! Share your goals with a friend or family member who you trust will help keep you accountable. Take a day to share both of your goals and find a day of the week where you can check in with each other to see how you are both doing! And you never know, you could have similar goals and start doing some together. If you both want to incorporate more exercise in your life, sign up for a class together and make it fun!

4.Be realistic and specific– I know, this is nothing new, but it’s so true! Change takes a ton of hard work, consistency and discipline. If you want to start eating healthier but don’t know where to start, start small! If you go from one extreme to the other you could easily burn yourself out and just give up after a couple of weeks. Start with small goals and then build up after you have completed your first.

  • For example, if one of your goals is to “eat healthier”, make it even more specific! Start with something like “I’m going to add spinach to one meal a day” or “I’m going to meal prep my snacks for the week” and see how it goes! Once you start achieving those smaller goals, keep adding on more.

A few of my goals for 2018:

-Establishing a set morning routine: Centering myself before work or leaving the house makes a big difference in how the rest of my day goes. Knowing this, my goal is to establish a routine to do every morning no matter what. I usually read, meditate, stretch/do yoga, but not every morning ,and usually I just pick one. Setting a mini schedule for myself will help me get to all of my important rituals before heading out the door.

-Eating with intention: I tend to eat fast and mindlessly! Food is such an important aspect in my life, yet it’s also one of the more “mindless” things I do sometimes! Taking time to be grateful and truly taste each bite is something that I intend to do more of in 2018.

-Being intentional on my phone: This might be the hardest habit to break, but the most important to me. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of social media and I think about all that time that I wasted on it. The hard part is now that I have a blog, posting and interacting on social media is crucial.  I want to set times where I don’t go on my phone, and set aside time where I am posting/engaging with friends and other bloggers. The key to me is to have an intention every-time I click on Instagram or the internet, not clicking on it out of habit and getting nothing out of it. I’ll do a post on this goal and update you on how it goes. I think this is an important one for a lot of people!

-Getting out of my comfort zone: I went to a lot of events this past year and met so many new friends through them, and I want to do even more of this in 2018! Taking chances, putting myself out there, doing things that scare me (like starting a blog) and embracing my true self are top on my list! It’s amazing what will happen when you get out of your comfort zone.

I hope this helped and maybe made you want to start writing down your goals for 2018! Let me know what you think of these tips/goals and also what yours are! We are all in this crazy, beautiful life together.

Here’s to 2018!

xo Savanna

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