Why I love Papa Steve’s Snack Bars!

I’m all about a snack bar in the afternoon, to grab on the go or to bring with me when I’m while traveling. I’m always on the go and finding a good quality, clean bar to bring with me is something I’m always looking for! Cue: Papa Steve’s.

Papa Steve’s are clean protein bars made with real ingredients. Every single bar is handmade in small batches from Southern California and they put NOTHING bad in their bars! They are all gluten free, and also have paleo + vegan options as well! I can’t tell you how good they taste too- like a cookie! My personal favorites are the lemon, vanilla cashew coconut and dark chocolate cherry cashew! My husband Alan also loves them, which is also a bonus. He’s not always into the healthy bars that I like, so knowing that he will eat these and have something nutritious in his body makes me smile 🙂

Here are the ingredients in the vanilla cashew coconut:
Organic coconut, pea protein, raw hemp seeds, cashews, almonds, tapioca fiber, organic coconut palm nectar, organic certified gluten free oats, organic vanilla bean.
Simple, clean and delicious.
I take these to work, with me when I’m traveling, and to the gym to eat after a workout. They could also be used as a clean dessert 🙂

There is something about knowing exactly where your food is coming from and the love that goes into making each product that makes it taste that much better, and I love supporting a brand like Papa Steve’s. Seriously, I can’t recommend these bars enough!
Here is a link to their website if you’d like to check them out!

xo Savanna

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